Stadtcasino Basel 2024 Wiener Opernball Orchester Spörri

Debut at the Stadtcasino Basel

Successful debut of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra at the sold-out Stadtcasino on January 13, 2024 in Basel

The deputy chief conductor of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra, Andreas Spörri, together with the brilliant musicians, the solo cellist Christophe Pantillon, the vocal soloists Elisabeth Flechl and Iurie Ciobanu and the dancers of the "Roman Svabek Ballroom Dancers", created a glamorous work of art with verve and passion. Erwin Belakowitsch led the evening with a witty and humorous presentation.

The members of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra celebrated Viennese Music during this brilliant, colorful evening, and the organizer's goal of bringing the flair of the Vienna Opera Ball to Basel for the first time was fully achieved. The audience thanked the artists with standing ovations.

The following day, on January 14, 2024, the KKL Lucerne once again hosted a sold-out New Year's concert.

Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra New Year's Concert at the Stadtcasino on Saturday, January 13, 2024 in Basel. © Photo Dominik Plüss