Wiener Opernball Orchester


The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra has set itself the task of maintaining the tradition of Viennese music and making it accessible to a wide audience.

The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra is the authentic expression of what is called the Viennese sound - the unadulterated interpretation of Austrian music from the late 18th to the early 20th century. If you want to enjoy the entertaining pleasure of Viennese waltzes or polkas, or the melodies of the golden and silver era of operetta, this is the orchestra you want to listen to.

The orchestra, which was founded specifically to preserve the traditions of Viennese classical music, cultivates the works of the great composers, from W.A. Mozart, Johann Strauss father and sons, Joseph Lanner, Carl M. Ziehrer, Franz Lehar, Emmerich Kalman and many others. For the members of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra it is a special pleasure to convey their musical message to large audiences around the world.

The Concert Association Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra performs in various formations from soloist ensembles to large symphony orchestras.



The Ball Orchestra varies in its line-up according to the respective venue and the programme composition. The standard line-up consists of 24 musicians.


The traditional salon orchestra consists of 15 musicians who are additionally supported by a piano. The repertoire consists mainly of works from the Viennese classical period and traditional Viennese light music.


The composition of the large symphony orchestra depends on the programme to be performed. Starting with 34 musicians, this can be expanded as desired.


The chamber music ensemble of the Opera Ball Orchestra consists of a string quartet in Biedermeier instrumentation (violin 1+2, viola and double bass), supplemented by a piano and/or another solo instrument if needed. The focus is on the music of Viennese Biedermeier composers and their successors.


A second orchestra, which alternates with the ball orchestra, is indispensable for ball and dance events. In the style of famous dance orchestras, but also with its own distinctive sound, the formation with 6 - 12 instrumentalists plays the international dance music repertoire.


For events and concerts, the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra works with singers (mainly from the Vienna State Opera and the Volksoper Vienna) and preferably with the Vienna State Ballet.