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Wind of Change

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Change of board and handover of artistic direction - Hello 2022!

Since the founding of the Concert Association Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra in 2004, Prof. Uwe Theimer has presided over the association as artistic director and managing director. His outstanding work, vision and energy have left a lasting mark on the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra and created an association that he finally placed in the trusting hands of a next generation at the beginning of 2022.

On 1 January 2022, Prof. Uwe Theimer resigned from his functions in the association and has since supported the orchestra as a guest conductor and highly valued member.

He was followed by Univ.-Doz. Laszlo Gyüker as artistic director and Herbert Fischerauer as managing director of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra. Together with the two arrangers Pavel Singer and Thomas Trsek as well as the concertmaster Anne Harvey-Nagl, the previous work of the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra will be continued and advanced.

The musical quality, the mutual appreciation and the joint progress are unchanged, as is the heart of the association, chairwoman and co-founder Gerlinde Jelinek. With a new façade and the wind of change, the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra presents itself anew and looks proudly into the past and the future.